Saturday, October 31, 2015

Podcast Ep. 7 - Jason Helmes, Anyman Fitness

By day, Jason Helmes is just a regular guy. He teaches math to middle schoolers; he has a wife and two kids. He is exceptionally tall (6 feet, 8 inches), but we won't hold that against him.

By night, he's the boss at Anyman Fitness, an online community for people "who want to learn to lean out, live well, and improve themselves permanently."

To date Jason has helped thousands of people reach their goals, and it's no wonder, given his teaching background and incredible ability to simplify fitness and nutrition. He's also a really nice guy, which probably helps.

I was fortunate enough to get Jason on for Episode 7 of the Fitness Pollenator (Video) Podcast. Over the course of the episode, Jason Helmes and I discuss

  • How he went from jock to jiggly to jacked again
  • The availability bias and the difference between popular and evidence-based fitness 
  • Making fitness a lifestyle and how anyone can do it
  • The importance of meal planning
  • How being both a teacher and mathematically-minded helps Jason as a coach
  • His eight month diet in preparation for a summer photo shoot
  • Whether or not "bulking" and "cutting" cycles are necessary
  • Why being bodybuilder lean is neither healthy nor sustainable
  • The advantages and disadvantages of being an exceptionally tall lifter
  • Avoiding "lifestyle bloat"
  • Jason's secret for building a successful (online) business
  • And more
This is one you absolutely do not want to miss!

Watch the episode on YouTube or right here:

You can also listen to the audio HERE.

For more on Jason and Anyman Fitness, download his e-book (Livin' The Dream) off his website, Be sure to follow Anyman Fitness on Facebook, as well.

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