Sunday, October 11, 2015

5 Ways Exercise Improves Relationships

By Ryan Blair

In recent years, it's becoming more and more trendy to be health-conscious. People want to engage in activities that will help not only their bodies, but also their overall being. When most people think of exercise, they generally envision activities that will strengthen their bodies. What they don't consider is how exercise can also help their relationships develop and deepen.

1. Physical Response

When you exercise, endorphins are released in your body. Endorphins help make you feel happy. When you feel better internally, you're more likely to handle your relationships in a peaceful manner. In this way, the effects that exercise have on your mood can help strengthen your relationships.

2. Physical Appeal

You may place a great deal of emphasis on the mental and emotional elements of your relationship, which is entirely natural. However, there's no denying that physical attraction also plays a role in a romantic relationship. Sometimes, though, when you aren't feeling great about your body, you may have a difficult time connecting physically with your partner. You may feel ashamed. You may feel that your partner is judging the parts of your body about which you are most sensitive. By working out, you build more confidence in your body and, therefore, in your relationship with your partner.

For instance, take a look at a guy like CrossFitter Dan Bailey (above) and tell me that he's not one attractive S.O.B. Being healthy is always attractive!

3. Alleviating Health Concerns

Sometimes, you or your partner may grow concerned about the other's health. For example, maybe you've put on a great deal of weight. Your partner may not be concerned with your physical appearance, but he or she may be worried about the toll the weight is taking on your health and longevity. Perhaps you've noticed that your partner just sits on the couch all day and has become depressed or anxious as a result. In either case, exercise can provide at least part of the cure. Essentially, when you both engage in exercise, you and your partner are showing that you care about each other.

4. Bonding Activity

Exercise certainly provides a means to get into shape, but it is also represents an opportunity to bond with your partner. Instead of just working out by yourself, though, you can also work out with your partner! Find an activity that you both love. Maybe you'll decide to join a local softball team together, or perhaps you'll find that chatting while running next to each other on the treadmill gives you time to unwind together. Exercise represents an opportunity to spend more time together as a couple -- and get fit while doing it.

5. Starting a Healthy Family

Whether you and your partner are planning to get married or looking to have children in the future, you definitely want to start off on the right foot. When you make unhealthy habits the norm, it's often difficult to get out of them. Instead of beginning this new step in your relationship without exercise and with poor eating habits, make the change now. Since you're both working toward it, you can motivate each another. When one of you is feeling down, the other can boost you up. Also, you can infuse this healthy lifestyle into your home by showing the kids how to make healthy meals and by committing to getting in at least one group exercise activity every weekend.

Exercise is wonderful because it helps you with so many areas of your life. Not only can you get your body into better shape, but you can also make strides toward improving your relationship and strengthening the bond you share with your partner. What's not to love about that?

About the Author

Ryan Blair is a freelance writer who has spent 12 years in the fitness industry doing just about everything including personal training for 6 years. He now spends his time combining his love of writing with his experience in fitness. If you want to contact him you can do so at

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