When writing a guest post about shoulder rehab for MOVE a couple years ago, Travis was kind enough to (heavily!) edit my article. Lucky for me, that introduced me to Travis’ online presence in the movement, exercise, and biomechanics world. Travis is both strong in mind and strong in body, as well as a true leader in the rehab, strength and conditioning field. He is committed to academics, (working on his Doctorate in Rehabilitation Science no less!), an accomplished athlete, and a dedicated coach. This is another great read. Enjoy! 

-Jen Bladon
J: What are your first memories of movement and/or activity? How was movement part of your life growing up?
T: Movement has always been one of the most important aspects of my life. Although I was born missing my left femur, I have very early memories of hobbling around on a makeshift prosthesis prior to having revisions done to my residual limb at age 3 in order to wear a normal prosthesis. Clearly, even as a tike I couldn’t be slowed down. After that, I remember loving to play basketball on my neighbor’s hoop, capture the flag during summer camp, and tennis on Fridays after school. Later on, in middle school and high school, I took up hand-cycling, rowing, swimming, and resistance training.