Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stop Vilifying This Exercise

People love to hate on burpees. Their complaints typically go something like this:

  • “They’re horrible for your low back and wrists.”
  • “They’re not functional.”
  • “They make you senselessly tired.”
  • “If your personal trainer makes you do burpees, find a new trainer.”

Yeah, yeah. I get it. Vilifying exercises is all the rage these days, and black-and-white thinking is easier than deliberating in shades of gray. (By the way, has anyone seen the new movie?) Heck, talking down trainers who have their clients do said vilified exercises suddenly makes us feel a lot better about our own personal and professional limitations.

I bet Christian Grey does burpees.

Are you ready for the honest-to-goodness, naked truth, though? I bet you didn’t expect anything to get naked on this blog post, but here it comes.