Monday, October 19, 2015

Podcast Ep. 6 - Kevin Mullins Fitness

Curious what it's like to be a TWO-TIME finalist in the Men's Health Next Top Trainer search? How about being selected as one of Women's Health Magazine's Ten Insanely In-Shape Male Trainers?

Meet personal trainer Kevin Mullins

In Episode 6 of the Fitness Pollenator (Video) Podcast, I chat with personal trainer Kevin Mullins of Washington, DC, and get answers to the above questions and so much more, including
  • How Kevin came to be a personal trainer and strength coach
  • The biggest mistakes trainers and coaches make
  • Why habit-based nutrition trumps a cut-and-dry diet plan
  • How Kevin became active in the fitness blog-o-sphere
  • What supersets are and how best to combine exercises
  • Which of Kevin's many continuing education certifications he finds the most useful

Watch the episode on YouTube or right here:

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For more on Kevin Mullins, head over to his website,, and follow him on Twitter (@FFTrainingKevin).

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