Sunday, December 20, 2015

Podcast Ep. 8 - Chris Leib

In Episode 8 of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast, I welcome Dr. Chris Leib. I met Chris about a year ago at a workshop he did at our mutual friend Tom DeVietro’s gym. (As an aside, Tom happened to be the very first guest of this podcast, so if you haven’t listened to episode 1, you should!)

Not only is Chris a doctor of physical therapy, but he’s also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. While at Chris’s workshop, I was completely blown away by his hybrid approach to training, in which he fuses physical therapy, CrossFit, kettlebells, and more.

As I’ve gotten to know Chris, one of my favorite things about him is his voracious appetite for learning and assimilating new information. Lately, he can be found splitting his time between the physical therapy clinic, the personal training setting, and writing about exercise.

In this episode, Chris and I talk about...
  • What drew him to CrossFit originally, and why he keeps coming back
  • How he integrates diverse mobility approaches like FMS and Mobility WOD
  • Scientific vs. anecdotal evidence
  • PT and S&C scopes of practice
  • The Power-Strength-Endurance (PSE) Method
  • Continuing education
  • His upcoming Movement Education Series
  • And so much more!

Watch the episode right here:

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