Sunday, December 13, 2015

Never Miss the Big Lifts Again (Juggernaut Training Systems)

A few weeks back, my friend Jen Sinkler posted on Facebook about a game she and her husband were playing while watching the live stream of the 2015 USA Powerlifting Nationals.

They called the game "Miss or Make." The goal of the game was simple: to predict whether the lifter would complete their deadlift attempt successfully. The catch? You had to make your determination BEFORE the lifter even grabbed the bar.

This got me thinking, what are all the things that have to go right leading up to a big lift? From training to day-of-meet preparations to simply approaching the bar, your body and mind have to be just right.

So I decided to write an article all about this very subject. It's called "Never Miss the Big Lifts Again," and it was just published on Juggernaut Training Systems.

Read the article here:


...But don't take my word for it! This article was also featured on the Personal Trainer Development Center's Best Fitness Articles of the Week list:

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