Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Test Your Relative Strength in 20 Seconds [Testosterone Nation]

Everyone knows how important testing is. Airplane testing saves lives. Standardized testing lets kids know where they stand relative to their peers. Our spouses even test us on whether we remember trivial details about them or they can hold it against us to pick a fight.

In the gym, we also recognize the importance of testing. After all, we need to make sure we’re getting stronger and not spinning our wheels.

The most common test, of course, is the one-rep max (1RM). Make no bones about it: the 1RM is a useful metric for determining strength. But if we’re interested in our overall health and durability (in addition putting up big weights), it isn’t the only measure we need to consider....

In my new article for T-Nation.com, Test Your Relative Strength in 20 seconds: 7 Bodyweight Challenges You Gotta Try, I spell out the importance of bodyweight relative strength -- and how to test yours.

Read the article here:

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