Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Irradiation: How Your Fist Can Instantly Make You Stronger [Muscle & Strength]

About a year ago, I was working out with my buddy Tom DeVietro. Before my first set of 1-arm dumbbell bench press, he handed me an empty shaker bottle.

"What's this for?" I asked him.

"Squeeze it," he said.

So I did (with the hand of my non-working arm). And what do you know, I felt stronger and more stable than I ever had before when performing the exercise. I was hooked.

The science behind the squeeze is a principle called "irradiation." Curious about how it worked, I delved deeper into the research and experimented with it over the next few months.

Read all about my findings, including which exercises to irradiate on -- and which exercise not to -- in my new article for Muscle & Strength, 'Irradiation: How Your Fist Can Instantly Make You Stronger:'


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