Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Love Affair with Cindy

By Jerry Washington

Life is kinda funny. You think you have it all figured out and you can almost predict the future.

Then BAM!

Something, seemingly out of nowhere, hits you and you are forced to determine if your old way of thinking is still valid.

That happened to me the other day when I finally tried CrossFit. Something just came over me and convinced me that on that day I would be throwing bars over my head and kipping on pull ups.

So I marched into what is called CrossFit Bala and asked to be a part of the next session.

So I first started off with what's called "skill" work.

That was relatively easy. So easy in fact, it almost lulled me into a false sense of security, but apparently that was the warn up.

Then came the actual workout.


Most of the standard workouts have names. I heard I was doing that and I have to admit I was a little offended, but I listened to how it went and proceeded:

All executed with just my body weight in under a minute.

Not too hard...

Then I heard it's done repeatedly for 20 rounds.


Maybe a little hard.

I got to about the 7th round and my whole body started feeling like it was on fire.

I knew by then I wasn't going to last all 20 minutes.

I think I made it to the 10th round. I didn't complete it though. By the time I got to my 8th push-up, I knew it was a wrap.

My body had pretty much just shut down and I was lying face down on the gym floor, unable to push myself back off of it.


Right then there were so many emotions running through my head, and all I could muster was a meager roll to my side.

I was reminded of all the things that I had tried and failed -- all the events I gave my all but didn't get what I wanted. So I rolled back over and managed one last (very sad) push-up. 

I'd had enough, but I just kept thinking about what I could learn from this.

I thought about how the name Cindy is kind of misleading and that Cindy is most certainly a tough one. 

I thought about how people do this in their own lives.

We all have expectations of ourselves, and it sucks when we don't meet them. So we do the best thing we know how.

We pretend that life is awesome by just wearing a smile and sugarcoating everything.

You can try to sugarcoat the hell out of life.

But deep down you know it freaking SUCKS.

(Kinda like how I kept trying to convince myself I could finish the whole workout.)

You KNOW you can do more.
You KNOW you're capable of so much more.
You KNOW you want more.
You KNOW you HATE average.

Yeah that's what I was telling myself.

So how do you get more?

By simply asking questions and telling yourself the truth.

My truth was that I needed to stop.

Yours may be different, but again it all starts with being honest with yourself.

I tell you that is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.

Honestly, I can't wait to get back at it. But most importantly, I had a change of heart and mind in doing a CrossFit workout.

It's not for crazies and people trying to be the fittest in the world. Just people trying to be the fittest they can be. 

It's really no different than the training in my own General Fitness Program.

About the Author

Jerry Washington is the owner of the General Fitness Program. He has been an athlete since his mom used to take him bowling at the age of 6. He won state titles for track and field in High School. He was a 6-time NCAA All-American in Track & Field. He won the WNPF World Championship in powerlifting by curling 190 pounds at a bodyweight of 191 pounds. He's even participated in American Ninja Warrior on NBC and experienced defeat at the hands of the Devil Steps. But he's just a normal guy. He likes to have fun, experience new things, and get the most out of life. Visit his website to learn more.

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