Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How Much Do You Actually Know About Strength Training?

Think you know strength training? Put your knowledge to the test.

  1. Which of these constitutes a pre-exhaust set?

  2. Hammer curls to Chin-ups
    Bench press to Skull crushers
    Push-ups to Bench press
    Hammer curls to Preacher Curls

  3. Bodybuilders typically use which of these training splits?

  4. Upper/lower
    Full body
    Body part

  5. What is the name of the protocol involving several bicep curls using various partial and full ranges of motion?

  6. 15s

  7. Which of the following, when performed correctly, involves knee flexion/isometric hip extension?

  8. Machine leg curls
    Physioball leg curls
    Physioball prone jackknives
    Side-lying clamshells

  9. Which of these is NOT the name of an energy system?

  10. Cori cycle
    ATP-PC System

  11. Roundback deadlifts are

  12. A method used by advanced lifters to pull more weight
    Characterized by a hyperextended spine
    100% safe
    All of the above

  13. Alternating sprinting with walking for 30 seconds each is an example of

  14. Steady state cardio
    Metabolic resistance training
    Interval training
    Tactical metabolic training

  15. Bob weighs 150 lbs and deadlifts 300. Joe weighs 200 pounds and deadlifts 350.

  16. Bob is absolutely stronger than Joe.
    Bob and Joe are equally strong.
    Bob is relatively stronger than Joe.
    Bob could deadlift two of Joe.

  17. "Moment arms" and "lever arms" are the same thing.

  18. True
    Sometimes True, Sometimes False
    What's a moment arm?

  19. Which is these phenomena has real scientific merit?

  20. Adrenal fatigue
    High reps for "toning"
    Muscle confusion
    None of the above

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