Answers: How Much Do You Actually Know About Strength Training?

1. Which of these constitutes a pre-exhaust set?
  • Hammer curls to Chin-ups
  • Bench press to Skull crushers
  • Push-ups to Bench press
  • Hammer curls to Preacher Curls
A pre-exhaust set is characterized by a single-joint (isolation) exercise followed by a multi-joint (compound) exercise that integrates the same joint action. Hammer curls isolate elbow flexion; chin-ups integrate elbow flexion with shoulder extension. Click HERE to read more about pairing exercises.

2. Bodybuilders typically use which of these training splits?
  • Upper/lower
  • Push/pull
  • Full body
  • Body part
Bodybuilders typically train one or two muscles per day (i.e. Monday: chest/triceps, Wednesday: back/biceps, Friday: legs/shoulders). For more on the pros and cons of body part split training, click HERE.

3. What is the name of the protocol involving several bicep curls using various partial and full ranges of motion?
  • 15s
  • 18s
  • 21s
  • 24s
21s are comprised of 7 reps of the bottom half of the curl, 7 reps of the top half, and 7 full range reps, all without putting the bar down.

4. Which of the following, when performed correctly, involves knee flexion/isometric hip extension?
  • Machine leg curls
  • Physioball leg curls
  • Physioball prone jackknives
  • Side-lying clamshells
When physioball leg curls are performed correctly, the hips bridge up as the feet pull the ball in, creating a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. The most common mistake people make with this exercise is allowing their hips to drop.

5. Which of these is NOT the name of an energy system?
  • Cori cycle
  • ATP-PC System
  • Glycolysis
  • Oxidative
The Cori cycle is a component of fast (anaerobic) glycolysis during which lactate is converted into glucose. Read more about the bioenergetics of personal training HERE.

6. Roundback deadlifts are
  • A method used by advanced lifters to pull more weight
  • Characterized by a hyperextended spine
  • 100% safe
  • All of the above
Roundback deadlifts are characterized by a flexed thoracic spine and may increase the risk of injury, especially in inexperienced lifters.

7. Alternating sprinting with walking for 30 seconds each is an example of
  • Steady state cardio
  • Metabolic resistance training
  • Interval training
  • Tactical metabolic training
Interval training consists of periods of more intense activity interspersed with periods of less intense activity. For ideas on how to incorporate interval training, click HERE.

8. Bob weighs 150 lbs and deadlifts 300. Joe weighs 200 pounds and deadlifts 350.
  • Bob is absolutely stronger than Joe.
  • Bob and Joe are equally strong.
  • Bob is relatively stronger than Joe.
  • Bob could deadlift two of Joe.
Relative strength is a measure of the amount of weight lifted compared to bodyweight. Bob deadlifts twice his bodyweight; Joe deadlifts 1.75 times his bodyweight. Although Joe is "absolutely stronger" than Bob because he lifts more total weight, Bob is relatively stronger.

9. "Moment arms" and "lever arms" are the same thing.
  • True
  • False
  • Sometimes True, Sometimes False
  • What's a moment arm?
When the load is perpendicular to the lever arm, the moment arm and lever arm are identical. Otherwise, the moment arm is only a portion of the lever arm. For more on moment arms, click HERE.

10. Which is these phenomena has real scientific merit?
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • High reps for "toning"
  • Muscle confusion
  • None of the above
"Adrenal fatigue" is a popular term for a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that more likely correspond to an actual medical diagnosis. Lifting weights results in muscle hypertrophy pretty much regardless of rep range, provided effort is near maximal. "Muscle confusion" is just a bullshit marketing term.