Saturday, April 4, 2015

Podcast Ep. 5: Side Quest Fitness with Robbie Farlow

Robbie Farlow showing off his chesticles.

Side Quest Fitness's Robbie Farlow and I had such a marvelous time chatting on his podcast last week that we decided to get together once again (virtually) for an episode of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast!

In this episode, we discuss all your and my burning questions for Robbie, including
  • How Robbie went from theater major to meathead trainer
  • Why Robbie started the Side Quest Podcast (the Unofficial Podcast of Fitocracy)
  • What Fitocracy is
  • Robbie's favorite Side Quest Podcast guest
  • Robbie's biggest training influences
  • The connection between fitness and marriage
  • And much, much more!


For just the audio version of this podcast, click here.

In case you missed my interview with Robbie for his podcast, you can listen to it out here:

I also recommend subscribing to the Side Quest Podcast on iTunes here so you can listen to the great new guests he has on every week!

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