Wednesday, September 10, 2014

T-Nation: 6 Ways to Bring the Pain

For lots of folks, exercises like bodyweight squats, glute bridges, and push-ups don’t pack the punch necessary to stimulate adaptation. However, when you precede an isometric hold at the most difficult position of each of them with a heavy hitting dynamic movement working the same muscles, you have yourself one deadly combination.

And so I came up with my so-called "Deadly dynamic-static compound sets." Simply put, these are couplets of exercises targeting the same muscle groups performed in rapid succession as follows:
A. Dynamic exercise: 8-12 reps
B. Static hold: to failure

The sets can be performed by just about anybody and for just about any muscle group. In my latest T-Nation article, I describe 6 of my favorite such 'Ways to Bring the Pain:'

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