Sunday, January 15, 2017

Top 17 Fitness Professionals to Watch in 2017

Every January, several lists surface advising you on which fitness professionals to follow in the coming year. These lists are rarely to my satisfaction, so I decided to make my own in order to better inform the general public regarding who the most qualified practitioners are.

My selection criteria were pretty strict, so I apologize in advance if you or your favorite fitness professional didn't make the cut. With only 17 spots, I had to make some tough decisions.

Without further ado, I present the Top 17 Fitness Professionals to Watch in 2017:

1. The Bachelor, Nick Viall

The dude's ripped. What more could you want from a fit pro?

2. Donald Trump

He's bound to get in great shape running away from his responsibilities. He's also a good resource for hair tips.

3. Pukie the CrossFit Clown

If the bar's not bending, you're just pretending.

4. Lil BUB

Have you heard this cat purr?

5. The Green Power Ranger

He later became the white Power Ranger, and that's quite the transformation.

6. Joel Embiid

His Twitter game is on point. In the fitness industry, that's often enough.

7. Cirque Du Soleil

While not a person, per se, the performers do exhibit some absurd feats of strength.

8. Arnold

Arnold. Need I say more?

9. George R.R. Martin

The guy's books weigh a freakin' ton! It's a bicep curl just to hold one of those things up to read, let alone to write them.

10. Donald Duck

 Bold prediction of 2017: this is the year he finally "fixes" his anterior pelvic tilt.

11. My dog, Roo (AKA The Fitness Pupenator)

She's an inspiration! #whatsyourexcuse #youreprobablyjustlazy

12. The Pope

I heard he bent that cross with his bare hands.

13. Barbra Streisand

Yup, she's still kickin'. Looking good for 74, too, in my opinion.

14. Giuliano and Claudio

Really two people, but they're tiny enough to be one. They're finally almost old enough to lift, too.

15. Donald Trump's Cabinet

They're bound to get fit chasing after him.

16. Shakira

Her hips don't lie, and neither does this list.

17. Travis Pollen

What list would be complete without its creator? Be sure to comment below if you believe there's someone who deserves to be on the list that I left off.

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